About K*Chele

An honored, and passionate, advocate for the music industry, K*Chele is an industry professional offering experience, guidance, support, and belief in a team effort.

From representation and management, tour planning and logistics, to interviewing and songwriting, K*Chele has been impacting the industry for more than 12 years, leaving a lasting impression on all she works with and meets.

I’ve worked with and have crossed paths with: Eddie Money, Jimmer Podrasky, Tommy Blatnik, Mark Mendoza, Rick Springfield, Boo Mitchell, the Marcellino family, Glenn Symmonds, Molly Hatchet, Jeff Silverman, the Michael Jackson Estate, and countless other indie and established artists, and industry professionals.

One Me * Many Titles * A Thousand Tasks

Artist Representation * Booking * Management * Marketing * Consulting * Creative Design * Branding * Events * Production * Voice-Over


So many people have asked me what my tagline: Southern~ality at its finest means…

  • Southern~ality [suhth-ern-al-i-tee] inhabitant, character, distinctive/unique qualities, attitude, and dialect of one from the south (southern US states); socially appealing, determined, unwavering, one from the country.