About K*Chele

The name K*Chele is a mix of the first and middle name: Kimberly Michele
When pronounced properly it sounds like: K Shell

Words are more powerful than someties realized. They can soften the heart or harden it. Words can make us cry or fill us with anger. They can also act as motivation, healing, comfort, love, help and friendship.

Associate Member of The Recording Academy

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K*Chele is an industry professional who has set out to prove hard work without greed exists and one who works with other professionals who take their career seriously. Running a passionate, caring and devoted to every client company, takes a lot of behind the scenes work and heart. Offering experience, guidance, support and belief in a team effort, K*Chele has been impacting the industry with no signs of slowing.

I’ve been writing, designing, creating and making things happen for a few years now. Proud mother of two boys and happily married since 2001, my life has been eventful. I’m not one who has regrets, I feel things had to happen as they did, to make up the woman I am today. Known for my southern accent and great personality, others quickly learn of my many talents. Self criticism and opinions of neutral people keep me humble. I enjoy helping, giving and sharing what I have to offer with others. Making a difference, is very important to me and hopefully I’ll be able to make a difference in your life.

One Me * Many Titles * A Thousand Tasks

Artist Representation * Booking * Management * Marketing * Consulting * Creative Design * Branding * Events * Production * Voice-Over


So many people have asked me what my tagline: Southern~ality at its finest means…

  • Southern~ality [suhth-ern-al-i-tee] inhabitant, character, distinctive/unique qualities, attitude, and dialect of one from the south (southern US states); socially appealing, determined, unwavering, one from the country.
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