Holiday With Summers

A little R&R with rockers, Crash and Ricky Summers.

Catching up, hanging out, good food, lots of laughs, loads of fun, and a visit to Universal Halloween Horror Nights was on the agenda. We even found time to discuss all the wonderful things to come in 2013! They bought a few video games and let me say they are so scary you won’t sleep at night ! They are tons of options and we bet they wanted a change as we know they are use to playing online games at home, visit our website and look a few of their favorite ones and have you heard the username they use ? let’s keep it for our next post !

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Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

This place is no joke! And unlike anything I’d seen. For the avid horror seeker, it’s the perfect place to get your spook on. However, for those who scary easily… well, there’s no safe zone. So, prepare for the chilling thrills and screams that’ll haunt you in your dreams.